Wrinkles and Fine Lines : Causes and Treatment

wrinkles and finelines treatment
wrinkles and finelines treatment

Hi friends Today we will talk about the Winkles and the Fine Lines.

Causes of wrinkles and fine lines

The biggest reason for wrinkles is our skin is getting worse from the sun. In the sun’s rays, which contains ultraviolet-A races, it breaks collagen tissue (which keeps our skin tight) by going inside our skin. With this our skin gradually becomes loose. And it starts creating wrinkles and fine lines. So whenever you go to the sun, put sunscreen on your face.

Another major reason is dry skin or skin dryness. Wrinkles are quick in dry skin so always moisturize your skin. Moisturizer must be applied on your face before sleeping at night.

Smoking and alcohol consumption dehydrates skin. Which causes wrinkles and fine lines. So do not drink cigarettes and alcohol.

Another big reason is skin products. Like  medicated fairness creams, fragrance added creams, lotions and makeups.

Treatment of wrinkles and fine lines

There are 2 ways to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

The first is to take good care of your screen and apply healing and hydration cream on it.

And the second is invasive treatment. Including surgery, laser, fillers, peeling, Botox etc. Their effect is quick but it takes a lot of money to get it done.

In this post we will only talk about the first method. Which slowly affects, but by doing it in the right way gives a very good result too.

Healing and hydrating creams are of two types.

Creams which hydrates the skin

The one who goes inside your skin and increases the amount of water or hydration in it. Your skin becomes plump top.  Means your skin looks a bit thick and  the wrinkles and fine lines looks less. This creams are  Hyaluronic Acid Cream and Glycolic Acid Cream.

You can buy these creams from the market.

Creams/gels which repairs the collagen tissues of the skin

The other is the cream that gets inside your skin and repairs the collagen tissue.

Among them, the most effective and most commonly used and time tested creams are ratinoic acid cream or gel and the second is azelaic acid cream.

That is why many wrinkles and fine line removal creams contains retinol. The ratinol cleans up the skin and does not go inside the skin. Therefore, retinol-rich creams are very good for people aged 20-30 years old.

40 to 60 edge groups need to correct the wrinkles from inside. Because their elastic(collagen) tissues are quite broken. And to repair it, you should take Retino-A Acid Cream or gel.

Retino Acid Cream You Can Easily Find At The Chemist Shop. Beginner should start from .025% Ratinoic acid creams

Azelaic acid cream will be found on chemist’s shop by the name of azederm cream. Applying it should start with 10% cream.

One thing is to keep in mind that all these creams are very strong. They should be applied on the face before sleeping in the night.  First you have to wash your face with any gentle face-wash and apply moisturizer over it, then put any of those cream over wrinkles or fine lines lightly. The skin should not rub even at all.

Wake up in morning and face wash with water and gentle face wash. Then you should moisturize skin properly.

Remember (very important)

These creams should never be used in the daytime.

Should not even go into the sunlight and should also wear sunscreen on the way out.

Thus, using these creams consistently for 2 to 3 months, there is a lot of impression in the wrinkles.


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