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stretch marks
stretch marks

Stretch marks

Hello friends today we will talk about Stretch Marks. How these appear, what are the causes and its treatment.

Stretch marks appear like a long long line on our skin. On top of these lines, the skin becomes thin and loose. And their color is lighter than our skin or darker or reddish.

Stretch marks causes

Stretch marks mostly happens on the thighs, stomach and shoulders. These also happen due to increase in weight gain in pregnancy. Or when children grow rapidly in the teenage then it happens.

There is also a family history in some people and their stretch marks become a result of a slight increase in weight or decrease.

By applying steroid cream and lotion for many days and eating steroid tablet, the skin becomes thin and becomes stretch marks.

Hydroquinone is another chemical, which is used by many people as fairness cream to be fair, using it for many days causes stretch marks on the face.

The main reason for the formation of stretch marks is the rapid weight gain or increase. Because you have got/lost your skin fat very quickly and have not given time to replace it with normal Tissue.

Many people eat proteins and various types of diet supplements to increase weights during body building. This is not right. Nowadays, many food supplements includes male hormones, growth hormones and steroids. By eating them the weight increases rapidly for which Skin is also get stretched very fast and stretch marks becomes. Simultaneously, these people start to have pimples and hair starts falling, and in Ladies period also becomes regular.

Whenever you think of using a food supplement, you should take full information about all the ingredients involved in that is what is inside them and what their side effects can be.

Stretch marks Treatment

How to Protect your skin from being it

Before we talk about stretch marks treatment, we want to show how you can protect against stretch marks on your skin.

When women are pregnant, from the beginning start coconut oil or olive oil or ghee properly on the stomach, breast and thais at night. Or put a good moisturizing lotion everyday before going to bed. This will keep the skin soft and after the delivery, the sudden recurrence of the stretch marks will not be made.

Similarly, when you are trying to increase or decrease the weight, keep the skin of the whole body soft by putting coconut oil or moisturizer.


If you have become stretch marks then first you should put soap on Stretch Marks at least. By applying soap, stretch marks will not go, your skin will dry up and stretch marks will increase. Always use Mild Shop on the body.

To lighten the stretch marks, you should put the retinoic acid such as retino-A  with a light hand on stretch marks while sleeping at night. Wash it with lukewarm water in the morning and apply coconut oil or moisturizer over it.

Retino-A clears the upper surface, as well as going inside the skin and repairing the collagen or connective tissue that is broken. Therefore, it is used for stretch marks. One thing to note is that retino is a strong drug, it should always start with the cream of the concert. If there is any redness or irritation by applying it, then it should not be used.

The second method is to crush Fresh aloevera, and grind it and mix one teaspoon coconut oil in it and apply this mixer on the Stretch Marks early in the evening.

Third method is  massage Stretch Marks with castor oil for 10:00 minutes in the morning. Castor oil is a bit sticky but it makes the skin very soft, so it is very good for stretch marks and redness.

All the methods which we have told you must be done for at least 6 months. If you take vitamin A tablets for 1 month with meals every day, then the benefit will be very quick.


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