Smelly feet : Causes and Treatment

Smelly feet treatment
Smelly feet treatment

Welcome to Health ISM. Today you will know what causes smelly feet and how to treat that.

What Causes smelly feet

Those who do not wash their feet for so many days with soap. If you use same socks without cleaning, then the dirt starts accumulating between the feet. Then the fungus and bacteria present in that dirt breaks down the sweat and dead skin cells and that starts smelling very bad.

People who use shoes, sandals or slippers of each other can also find this infection.

If you walk in bare foots in places like gym and swimming pool where most of the peoples walk in bare foot. There infection could be transferred  from one person to other. Then feet becomes smelly.

Often you will see red spots on the top of the feet which are a bit dry and itching happens there. It also occurs in the soles of the feet and the soles of the feet begin to dry and itching occurs in the middle of it.

This infection happens more in between the toes. Where your skin gets completely blithered, it develops blisters and it starts to become very bad and smelly.

Treatment of smelly feet

During bathing, wash your feet thoroughly with soap and wash them well, especially with in the fingers of the feet and after that they should dry well.

Neem soap is very good for this thing. Especially if you live in a warm place. Because neem has natural antiseptic properties which can protect our skin from many infections.

After this you should always wear open sandals and slippers so that the feet can wind properly and there is no infections in it again and again.

If you play a lot of games or you go to office and you need to wear socks and shoes. So you should first clean and clean your feet after it should sprinkle 1% COTRIMAZOLE powder in it. Then you wear your socks and shoes. Your socks should be changed daily and should only use cotton socks.

Anti fungal creams, named COTRIMAZOLE, MICONAZOLE  which you can easily find in chemists shops , put them well on your feet. This should be applied twice a day for at least 2 or 4 weeks, or until your problem is okay.

Many times the anti-fungal cream does not completely cure your feet, it means that most probably you have also caught any bacterial infections from above, in that condition, you can add antibacterial cream like NEOSPORIN ointment along with your anti-fungal cream. You can put on your feet twice a day.

Even after doing all this local treatment, if your problem is not solved. Then you have to take eating medicines.

You have to meet your doctor in this. He will give prescription of anti fungal tablets like KETACONOZOLE or GRISEOFULVIN tablets. Your doctor will decide the duration and dose quantity.  You have to eat those tablets under doctors supervision.

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