Smelly Armpit : Causes, tips, treatment and more

smelly armpits-underarms
smelly armpits-underarms

Many people suffer from sweating in armpits and it also causes stench. Today, we will talk about why this happens and how we can cure it.

What causes the smelly armpits

There are two ways of sweating glands present in our body. First type is present in our whole body, from which sweat like thin water emerges. It sweats, then our body gets cold.

And the second type of sweating glands which are present in armpits and between thighs area where there are many hair grows. Here the sweat that comes out is a bit thicker.

Whether our sweat is thick or thin, it does not smell.

There are many people who do not keep their armpits clean, which causes bacterial infection. Once it starts to be infections, the sweat that comes out in the armpit starts getting smelly.

Many times people wear each other’s clothes which can cause fungal and bacterial infections in our armpits.

Many of you would go to beauty parlor where they use wax from one box to many people which can cause infection and your armpits will become smelly.

Many people habit that they do shaving in their armpits. If your saver is infected or there is any dirt in it, then you may also have an infection which could cause smelly armpits.

How armpit infections looks like

infection types in underarms

The infections are either fungal infections or bacterial infections or at times, both of these infections can occur simultaneously.  Fungal infections occur in roundness, it is reddish and itchy, whereas bacterial infections occur in hair follicle and it looks like pimple which can be red only Or it may be contains sebum.

How to prevent smelly armpit

Now I will tell you what precautions should be taken so that your armpits do not have any kind of infections.

Keep yourself clean by bathing and washing your armpits thoroughly with soap. In soaps we prefer neem soap, because neem soap contains natural antiseptic qualities which does not allow fungus and bacteria to survive on our skin.

Don’t wear each other’s clothes and towel. Always wear dry and loose clothes.

If you go out, then apply a anti-fungal powder on your armpits to avoid avoid fungal infections.

In spite of this, if you get smelly armpits problem it means that you may have an infection, for a fungal infections, apply COTRIMAZOL cream or MICONAZOLE cream twice a day for 4 weeks.  You can also wash your armpits one time for every 2 days with KETOKONAZOLE LOTION 2% . This helps in the recovery of infection.

In bacterial infection, the armpits can small red red rashes or a little bit of it. Apply gel twice a day until your problem is okay. Despite all this, even if your armpits are still smelling, it means you must take some medicine to eat.

You will have to take anti-fungal treatment or antibacterial treatment. You can take this medicines  from your doctor on the prescription. With his guidance and supervision you can treat your problem properly.

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