Prickly heat : Causes and Treatment

prickly heat infoseemedia
prickly heat infoseemedia

Hello guys Now the days of summer have started. As the heat grows, the sweat and oil content coming out of the skin increases very much. Along with this, summer skin diseases are also beginning to fall. Like the Prickly heat .

Today we will gonna know what causes prickly heat and how we can treat them.

How do prickly heat grow?

Often, children and older people also get sweating in summer days due to which causes prickly heat.

When we sweat a lot then our sweat glands present in our skin get blocked. Then when we sweats then it can’t come out and it starts appearing on the skin like small grains. And then the inflammation occurs in the glands, itching and swelling happens in them and it starts to burn, then we call them prickly heat.

Sometimes these prickly heats become wound by itching . When these are a little bit, it also gets cured even by bathing well with cold water. Many times swelling, itching and burning sensation are greatly increased and it becomes necessary to cure it.

It mostly happens to the newly born child and school going children.

Causes of prickly heat

It happens in Summer season. When the temperature increases in the atmosphere and our body starts to sweat very much. Due to which face of the sweat glands slowly shut down, or we do a lot of physical exertion, which makes us sweat very much and due to which the glands again starts to shut down.

Many times when people wear nylon and tight clothes in the summer. this clothes do not allow the body to dry or  cool down which causes prickly heat.

During the summer,  many peoples use oil or smooth cream and lotion on their skin.  When we sweats, sweat and oil or lotions or lotions combines with each other and became sticky to skin which which closes the face of the sweat gland. Whereby does this happen.

Due to not bathing is summer days.

If you have fever this also happens.

Treatment of prickly heat

In summer, wear loose, light and dry clothes.

Stay in cold and airy rooms.

Just need to take bath with cold water. If necessary, take bath for 2 times a day. Neem soap is always good for bathing. Neem is a natural antiseptic, and the use of this soap reduces prickly heat. Do not rubbish your body with towels while bathing.

When there are prickly heat, then calamine lotion should be applied two or three times in the day.

If itching is high, then you can take 1 tablet of LIVOCETIRIZINE in the day up to 3 or 4 days .

Even after bathing, prickly-heat powder also provides comfort to your body. But many people start to sprinkle a lot of ordinary scenting powder on their body during the summer, it is not okay. Simple powder accumulates on the skin together with sweat and closes the sweat glands. Which increases the problem rather than fixes them.

Always put water best moisturizers on your body during the summer. Oil-based creams and moisturizers also closes sweating glands and this increases the chance of prickly heat rather than fixing.

If snuffs have been lost due to the losses, then antibiotic creams such as SOPHRAMYCIN CREAM can be applied.

If the pimples are high then antibiotic pill may also need to be eaten. But do not eat antibiotic pills without doctor’s advice.

Hope this post helped you. If you know any other treatment which helps to cure prickly heat. Please comment down below.

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