Open Pores : Causes, Treatment and Home remedies

large open pores treatment
large open pores treatment

Hi friends In this post I will tell you how to treat large open pores.

Causes of Large open pores

The biggest cause of becoming an open pores in production of excess oil in the skin. The excess oil closes the pores in collaboration with dead-skin cells present in the skin. Then infection happens inside the closed pores and the pimples are formed. When we press the pimples or the pimple’s infection goes out of its way, then the closed pores open again and it remains open.

With age, elastic tissue or collagen tissue of the skin decreases and oil formation in oil glands also decreases so that the skin becomes loose and the skin pores look bigger.

Sun-rays  also affects the elastic tissue of our skin. For which large open pores starts appearing on the face.

Treatment of Large open pores

First you should wash your face every morning with  2% Salicylic acid foam or Glycolic acid face wash. This cleans the stored oil and dead-skin cells in the skin. Also opens those pores that are closed.

The second step is to put a good water based moisturizer on the skin.

The third is during taking sleep at night you should apply a cream on the face which contains Hyaluronic acid. It enhances the amount of water in the skin. So our skin becomes thick and the pores become smaller. Applying Hyaloronic acid creams by night, spraying a little bit of mineral water on it, the skin becomes more hydrated. And the pores become even smaller.

You can get this creams easily in the markets.

Retinol creams also reduce open pores. It keeps the upper surface of the skin clean and prevents pores from closing.

Apart from this, vitamin C Syrup,  Niacin(Nicotinic Acid) Cream or 0.025 Retinoic acid cream. All this helps in the formation of elastic tissues or collagen tissues of our skin and enhances the skin’s elasticity. From which this pores does not grow large, skin remains tight and pores remains small. These creams also fix wrinkles and fine lines.

Apply any of this cream on your face before sleeping at night. Wash your face with normal water and apply a water base moisturizer.  Remember that any cream or gel should be treated for at least 3 months.

Home Remedies

Massage with ice cubes or pieces of ice on your face for 5 minutes in the every morning and evening. Your large open pores will get smaller slowly by doing this.

By applying Clay mask on face.  It pulls out oil and frozen dirt from our open pores, so by applying this mask, there is lots of improvement happens in open pores.

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