Hair loss : Causes and Treatment | No more hair fall

hair fall or hair loss causes and treatmenrt
hair fall or hair loss causes and treatmenrt

Hello friends welcome to Infoseemedia‘s Health Blog. In this post we will share different Causes of hair fall and hair loss and its treatment.

1. Genetics

The biggest reason for hair fall is genetics. There is a baldness genes which goes to the children from the parents. And in particular, it has more effect on men. The men who have genes of baldness, their hair starts to fall at the age of 35. From 55 to 50 years old, the head becomes completely bald. A little hair remains in a line.Women would not have full baldness but the amount of hair is greatly reduced.


There is 3 types of treatment available for this.

1. Transplantation of hair. Nowadays this is happens in a lot of place and it is also quite safe.

2. Apart from this, you can apply 2% minoxidil lotions on scalp in every morning and evening. After two or three months new hair may start to come out.

3. You can also take medicines for growing hair. Which your doctor can prescribe to you.

Before starting, you should go to your doctor and complete medical examinations. Once your doctor tells you everything is fine then you can start any of these three treatments.

Note : I would like to say only one thing, especially for Ladies. When you use any hair-growing medicine, the hair will not just grow on your head. Hair can also be start growing on your face and body too.


2.  By tying hair tightly.

This is another reason for hair fall, especially in women. By doing this your hair roots get stretched,  becomes weak and then hair starts falling. That is why don’t tie your hairs if you want to tie then do it lightly. .


3. Hormonal Imbalance or lack of Thyroid hormones

Another cause of hair fall is hormonal imbalance, especially the thyroid hormone imbalance. Or the lack of thyroid hormones in the blood. When there is a lack of thyroid hormone in the blood, hair starts to fall, becomes thin and dry.


When your doctor will know that you have a lack of thyroid hormone in your blood. Then they will start thyroid hormones treatment. Then your hair will again grow as usual.


4. Hair loss after pregnancy

Women often get hair fall after childbirth. As soon as the child is born, suddenly all the harmonics labels are dropped in the blood. Due to which hair starts to fall, but once the Hormonal levels become normal, hair loss is automatically closed.


5. Hair loss in menopause.

After menopause or period closure, women often complain that their hair is starting to decrease and apart from that thick thick hair growing on the face.  This happens because, after the period is closed, the amount of androgen(male hormone) in the blood becomes more and the quantity of estrogen(female hormone) decreases.


If you have this problem then you should go to your doctor. They will start your treatment with estrogen hormones and your hair will grow again like usual.


6. Hair loss due to chemicals

Nowadays, the biggest cause of hair loss is the use of excessive chemicals in the hair. Such as hair dyes, different types of henna, hair straightening chemicals, hair curl chemicals, etc. All these things are chemicals and it can irritate our skin. When the head’s skin becomes irritated, the roots of the hair are also swollen and the hair starts falling.

While applying any kind of hair dye or chemical things in the head, if you feel itchy or hot in the head. Wash the head with shampoo and do not use any hair dye, henna or any other chemical on your hair for at least 3 months.

Just wash your hair for every 2 days with mild shampoo. My suggestion is to all people to reduce the use of hair dye and chemicals on hair.

7. Hair loss due to excessive massage.

When you are having hair fall then you should not massage the hair. Because your hair follicles are already weak that is why your hair is falling. And if you massage your hair strongly they those follicles will become more weaker.

If your hair is falling and you want to apply the oil, then it is a good thing. Coconut oil is best for this thing. But put that lightly on top of the head, leave for half an hour and then wash your head. Do not leave oil for 12 to 24 hour on your scalp.

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