Fungal infection in nails : Causes, Tips and Treatment

Fungal infection in nail
Fungal infection in nail

Hello guys Today we will talk about fungal infections in nails. How fungal infection in nails occurs and how to treat it.

How fungal infection in nails happens and some causes

Fungal infections of the nail begins like a white or yellow stain under the hand or foot nails. Gradually the whole color of the nail gets spoiled. The nail gets crooked and becomes thicker. It seems to break easily. There are no itching or any pain in it. But sometimes there is inflammation in it, it starts to burn and pain in the nails occur. This disease can occur in one of the nails or in 3-4 nails or all nails also simultaneously.

This infection happens more in the foot nails. But older people tend to have more. Those people with diabetes, liver or kidney disease get easily infected. What is meant to mean that the people who have a weakness in the body’s ability to fight against disease, they are get easily affected with this kind of fungal infections.

Those who wear closed boots  from the morning to evening  and whose sweats are sweated in their feet, and often those who works more time in the water often have fungal infections in the nails.

Treatment of fungal infection in nails

Because the blood flow in the nails is very low, so nail fungal infections have to be treated for several months. More medicines have to be taken for a long time.

If you have an infection in your nail, then you will scrub your head or if it is itching in the body then the infection with nails can be found in your head or body.

If you do not cure this disease for a long time, then the affected nail will be completely damaged.

To treat the nail fungal infections, you have to apply nail-coating cream, medicated nail polish, and eat some tablets along with it.

First cut your infected nail and make that nail short. Then put salt in warm water and keep your hands or feet, where there is an infection, for 15 to 20 minutes. After that dry the hands or feet nails. Apply MICANAZOLE CREAM or KETOCONAZOLE cream or CLOTRIMAZOLE cream by rubbing thoroughly inside the nails. Before sleeping at night, it must be done so that the effect of the medicine remains all night.

Ciclopirox nail polish on your fingernails can also be applied daily. Apply one layer of CICLOPIROX nail polish in infected nail. Then daily add another coat of that nail polish in next day, do this for 7 days. Then remove that paint using nail polish remover and again do the same steps for next 7 days. You will have to do it for at least 6 months or until the complete nails come out normal.

You also have to take eating tablets. You can take TERBINAFINE tablets or GRISEOFULVIN tablets or ITRACONOZOLE tablets for 6 to 12 weeks.

By combining all these things, the infection is cured and normal nails come out from inside.

Tips to avoid fungal infections in the nail

Follow this tips, fungal infection in nail will never happen to you again.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and keep it clean.

Wearing cotton soles  and washing them daily.

After throwing shoes, leave them under the fan to dry completely.

Put anti-fungal powder in old shoes.

Don’t go around the swimming pool with bare legs.

If you are doing pedicure,manicure in beauty parlor, then always check that their using clean tools or not.

Use nail polish and artificial nails as well as the least.

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