Facial hair : Causes and Treatment

facial hair causes and treatment
facial hair causes and treatment

Hello friends welcome to Health-ISM. Today you will learn what causes the facial hair and how to treat that.

Facial hair which is a sign of beauty for boys but becomes a huge problem for girls.

Causes(Reasons) of facial hair

The first reason for this is Genetics. Many people have more hair on their body and face since from birth.

The second reason  for facial hair is the Hormone Imbalance in body or the diseases which increase the amount of steroids hormone in our body like PCOS and Cushing-disease. Or the disease which increases male hormones in lady’s body like PCOS.

Today, a very big reason for facial hair growth is consuming Oral Contraceptive Pills or Contraceptive Medicines.

The third major reason is by using steroids and hydroquinone cream on your skin. People are using it for the purpose of making the face fair, without knowing its side-effects. From this also hair starts growing on the face.

Fourth reason, due to repeated waxing, threading and bleaching of the face. By doing this not only the skin get damaged but also the soft hairs presents on the face becomes thick.

A major reason for facial hair growth nowadays is of consuming Health Food and Health Supplements. Many times the steroid hormones and growth hormones are added inside it. By which hair starts growing on the face, the skin becomes oily, the pimples begin to occur, and the people start getting bald.

Some misconceptions

Now first of all I want to remove some misunderstandings about this.

Oiling on face does not causes facial hair.  Applying any oil does not cause hair to grow on the face. Unless any hormones or hair medicines mixed inside the oil.

Now another reality is that there is no permanent treatment of facial hair. That’s why the Laser Clinics are now also writes permanent hair reduction on her board, Permanent Hair Removal does not write any.

Treatment(Remedies) of facial hair

There is no permanent treatment for this but the good news is that these hairs can be well controlled. And that too without harming your skin.

Friends If you have a lot of hair on your face and if it is soft or medium soft quality, then first you should wash your face well, then add moisturizers or virgin coconut oil to it. And after that you have to cut your hair with the help of clipper. You will find good clippers of company such as Philips or Brown in cosmetic shop near you.

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 The clipper should always run in the direction opposite from the direction of hair. This is the easiest and cleanest way to remove your hair in your own home. Removing hair from the clippers does not harm your skin. No infection goes inside your skin. And the most important is the root of your hair does not comes out. Because the roots of the hair do not get out, so the hair remains as it is before and not becomes thick.

Clipper is a bit expensive but strong and runs well for many years.

Now let’s talk about those whose hair is very thick and even if they are cut by a clipper, they also appear on the face like a black dot. You should first do laser treatment after taking some treatments, the hair becomes thin and less. After your hair becomes thin and less then you can start using the clipper.

Laser treatment is the best option for people who are prohibited from cutting hair due to religious or any other reason.

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