Dark lips or Black lips : Causes, Treatment and Home remedies

dark lips treartment and home remedies
dark lips treartment and home remedies

Hi friends Today we will talk about the treatment of dark lip

I will tell you the reason for this, the ways to avoid it and its treatment.

Causes of dark lips

There are many reasons for lips being black The most common reason is lip products.

When people use lipstick, lip balm, lip liner etc. in the cheap quality, the color, fragrance or the flavors inserted in these poor quality make-up make the lips dark/black. You can notice that the lip products of the big fame company contains colors, flavor and fragrance of very good quality and in less quantity.

Sleeping without taking out makeup and lipstick, stains on the face are spots and allergic and also lips become dark.

Another reason for the lip blackness is dry lips. Drinking more cigarettes leads to dark lips. Hot tea or coffee could burn the lips and make them black.

Many times, the chemicals that are inserted into toothpaste also make the lips dark.

Lips can be black due to burning in the sunlight. Therefore it is good that the lipstick or lip balm you put on your lips should have sun protection qualities.

Anemia i.e. lack of blood and lack of vitamins in the body also causes dark lips. Those who have this problem should complete this deficiency by consuming capsules of  of iron and vitamin for at least 2 months .

Many medicines such as Isotretinoin used for pimples, antibiotics such as tetracycline for  malaria and Hydroquinone, which many people use to lighten the color of the skin. These medicines could make make your lips dark. If you are using any of these medicines, then it should be stopped.


Let’s talk about the treatment of black lips

I’ll give you some cream names which found in markets. The makers who market them in the name of lip lightning cream. They are Glutathione cream such as Gluta-c and Glutamax. By applying these 2 times a day for 3 to 6 months on the lips, the color of the lips becomes lighter.

Lip balm whose name is Maybelline New York Baby lips  for dark color. There are sunscreen, moisturizer and natural color in it.

Some products

Home Remedies for dark lips

Remember that you will benefit from doing this for at least three months. And after applying these things Moisturize  your lips properly.

The first remedy is Sugar and honey.  Mix half a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of white sugar and massage the lip for 3 minutes. Do it two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Second, grind the mint leaves and mix two or three drops of lemon juice in it. Massage it for 3:00 minutes in the morning and evening on the lips.

Take a small piece of fresh cucumber and massage for 3 minutes on lips in the morning and evening. This is the easiest and most rewarding way.

Mix 1 teaspoon Fresh Strawberry juice with 1 teaspoon petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Massage this mixture on the lips 2 times a day. By doing this your lip’s color will get lighter.

Color of the lips also get reduced by massaging pure castor oil on lips for 3 minutes daily.

Hope you liked this post and any cream or homemade recipe from it will definitely benefit you.


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