Dandruff : Causes and Treatment

dandruff causes and treatment
dandruff causes and treatment

Hi Friends welcome to Infoseemedia‘s Health Blog.  Today we will talk about dandruff. What are the reasons and how can we treat it.

When it is dandruff, itching is done in the head, the skin of the head turns red, this dry skin becomes small wings and comes out from our head as a dandruff.


Today we will talk only about common dandruff. Which caused by sudden increase of harmless fungus named Malassezia furfur which presents in our body.

The common reason for the sudden increase of this fungus is stress, decrease of immunity in the body such as cancer, AIDS, organ transplant, hormonal imbalance such as PCOS, not washing the head for a long time, leaving the oil in the head for several days And due to the dry skin problems. For this dandruff starts.

Occasionally a hair care product that gets infected or expired. By using by using those dandruff begins.

At least 40% of people sometimes get such kind of dandruff. This is more in the winter season because the skin starts drying in the winter and therefore the dandruff also increases.

Treatment of dandruff

The most common reason for being dandruff is to stay dirt in the head. That’s why if you wash your head with shampoo twice a week, it will not be more dandruff.

Keep the reed in the water overnight at home. If you wash your head with that water in the morning, then you will never be dandruff.

By shampooing well,  dead cells, oils, fungus, which makes dandruff, they get out.

Even after doing all this if you still have dandruff. So you take good anti-dandruff shampoo from the market, which contains cytaconozole, zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid. Wash these shampoo 3 times in a week . You should use it for atleast 6 weeks.

However, if you do not have a dandruff control then you must consult a doctor. Most probably your Problem is either ringworm infection or seborair dermatitis or it may also be of scalp psoriasis. Once the doctor will accurately diagnose the cause of your dandruff, then the treatment will also happen.

Infections on scalp
Infections on scalp

Minimize use of hair products like gel, hair spray and fragrances oil.

Do not get rid of the chemical treatment of hair again and again. Reduce stress in your life, try to become happy. Eat the most important seasonal and fresh vegetables and fruits and do regular exercise.

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