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Blackheads treatment
Blackheads treatment

Hello friends welcome to Health ISM. Today we will talk about blackheads and whiteheads. Why this are happen and what is the best and easiest way to remove them.

Causes of Blackheads

There are many reasons for having pimples and blackheads.

First, our skin is very oily, there is plenty of oil in it. When our skin starts to accumulate oil and dead-skin cells instead of taking them out, then our pores get closed with these.

Third, the hormone fluctuations in our body. That is why this is more common in children aged between 13-14. Because in during this age more hormones are produced in human body. This happens to the ladies during their period time also happens if any ladies consumes birth control medicines.

Some medicines, such as steroids and growth hormones, eaten mostly by young body-builders and athletes. This makes skin oily and blackheads begin to grow.

The pores of our body become blocked by the filth, skin oils and death cells deposited and the blackheads are formed on our face, shoulders, chest and back.

If the pores in which the oil and dirt are stored open then it become black from above. Which we call blackheads But if this deposit just below the skin then it looks like small white grains. And we call them whiteheads.

When these blackheads get infected from inside then they become pimples. Therefore, more and more people have both Pimples and Blackheads together.

Treatment of Blackheads / Whiteheads

If your face is oily, then you should use benzyl peroxide  face wash or salicylic face wash. Which you can do every morning. After this, moisturize your skin with water best moisturizer.

The most effective way is by using  Retino-A cream and gel to clean the blackheads. Such as Tratinoine cream and ADAPALENE gel. It keeps the skin clean and does not let the pores close. These creams and gels should apply lightly on blackheads before sleep. Then wash the face in the morning with lukewarm water and moisturize it well. Coconut oil is best for this because coconut oil protects our skin from fungus, bacteria and allergic reactions.

If you have both pimples and blackheads, then you must use antibiotics such as CLYNDAMYCIN or ERITHROMYCIN with benzyl peroxide.

When we put Retino-A cream, our skin becomes sensitive or sensitive with sunlight. So, when you use Retino A Cream, then you should use umbrella while get out of the sun and use sunscreen on your face. Whose SPF is at least 20.

If your blackheads are very thin and in a small place. As you those just above the nose, you can buy blackhead removal strips by going to the Chemist store. Using them, you can remove your blackheads at home.

But if your blackheads are big and much more, then you can go dermatologist clinic. By using the extractor there, dermatologist will remove your blackheads.

There are many more ways to get rid of blackhead like microderm operations and laser and light treatment. You can do this by going to the dermatologist’s clinic.

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