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what is acne and to cure it and causes

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  • What are acne/pimples.
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  • What to do and what to avoid when you have acne/pimples.
  • Treatment of acne/pimples.

What are the acne/pimples.

Acne is a skin disease consist of blemishes. That can occur on your face, neck, chest, shoulder or back. 

Acne is very common in the teen-years but it also can can affect you in the adulthood as well.

Causes Of Acne

Production of extra sebum

To keep your hair and skin well lubricated your body depends on sebaceous glands(oil glands) which are present just under your skin. This glands secretes  an oily substance called sebum. Sebum prevents your hair and skin from drying out.

Sebum routinely takes out all the dead skin cells through pores. When your body produces extra sebum and dead-skin-cells they get stick together and clog your pores.  The the bacteria which are normally present in very few numbers in that area can’t go out due to that blocked pore. Due to this their number started increasing and lead to the infection and causes acne/pimple.

Whiteheads and blackheads also made due to the clog pores but here infection does not happens.

Acne/pimples happens to 80% of the people. In age-group the most of the people between 11-35 get affected.

These are familiar. This means if acne/pimples happened before to your mother or father then it will also happen to you.




Another reason which causes acne is hormones. When we came to teen-years our body produces more hormones especially androgen, male-hormones and growth hormones. Due to those our body creates more oil-glands for which pores get blocked and pimple occurs.

In women, when their periods are coming in, the level of androgen hormone goes up. It has often seen that more females get affected with acne when their periods time is closer.


Many people are allergic to sunlight When he gets out in the sun, their face turns red and after that acne starts building. If you have such a problem. You should use sunscreen whenever you go to the sun.

Food Allergy

Many people are allergic by eating food. Like many people get allergic by eating fish or by eating egg or tomatoes etc, due to which acne causes. If you have such a problem. You should identify that allergic thing and avoid that.


The stress is something that happens to everyone, but this directory does not make acne in you. By the presence of stress, the level of steroid hormones goes up significantly in your body, due to which your skin get affected indirectly.

What to do. What not to do when you have pimples.

Keep your face clean and use less soap.

If you have pimples, you should do face-wash twice a day with lukewarm water or non-soap cleanser.

Decrease using of soap. You should not wash your face again and again, by doing this your skin becomes irritated and the pimples may increase.

Don’t scrub

dont scrub when you have pimples

Similarly, you should not use scrubs on your face at all. Because your skin is troubled, and  scrubbing can boost your pimples.

Use water base makeups instead of oil base makeups

Decrease the use of oil base makeups . Water base makeup is a good one, it does not block the pores of your skin. Your skin pores can be blocked by oil base make-up, so that you can have pimples.

Use Sunscreen of SPF15-20

If your skin gets in trouble after going to the sun, then definitely you should use sunscreen before going to the sun. Use sunscreen, whose SPF is 15 to 20. Sunscreens with high SPF are heavy and they can block your pores and promote pimples.

Keep your hair clean

washing hair

Always keep your hair clean and do not let them fall on the face. Because dust and dirt witch are present in in hair can cause infection in our face.

Avoid touching pimples

And if you press your pimples, your infection can be transferred to another place in the face. And when they cure then they will left a scar or a dark spot on your face.

Keep cellphone screen away from your skin while phone calls

Don’t talk with some with your cell-phone  by touching its screen to your skin. By this pollution present in your cell-phone screen could cause acne/pimples.

Eat seasonal fruits & keep 70% veg in your meal

The effect of food  that we eat looks direct on our skin. My advice is always that you should always eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Keep your diet 70% vegetarian and keep 30% non-vegetarian. Fish meat is also the most beneficial in meat, compared to other meats. Fish food is so beneficial because the mosquito is easily digestible and contains omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for our skin.

Exercise Regularly

women exercising

Exercise is very important if you have to keep your skin healthy and free from the skin problems. I always advise that to do exercise outside in open air. This is because the amount of oxygen in open air is high. For every cell of our body oxygen is needed. If we supply good amount of oxygen to every cell of your body then our body will always be healthy and our skin will be very healthy and glowing along with it.

By exercising all the impurities present inside the skin come out. Exercise also increases temperature of our body and due to which the oil-glands inside our skin become thin, so oil becomes thin and it does not block the pores, it reduces the probability of acne.

—–Know how you can fairer your skin—–

Treatments of Acne/Pimples


Right now we have discussed that if you are getting pimples, then what should you do and what not to do, even if you have a pimples, you can do some treatment at home or by taking the help of a cleaning agent. They are

Benzyl Peroxide Cream/gel

To cure acne the most popular medicine is benzyl peroxide cream or gel.  Now I will tell you how to use it.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and a non-soap cleanser before sleeping, dry it lightly, then put a water best moisturizer on your whole face, then Take this cream as a pea size in your finger and stir it slowly on the area where you have acne.

Don’t put any cream/gel inside the skin by rubbing tightly.

There is no need to apply the cleansing gel in the entire skin, only put the cream/gel where the acne are. Wake up in the morning and wash your face with lukewarm water and and with a non-soap cleanser. And after that if you stay at home, then apply a water-based moisturizer over your entire face. If you have to go out in the sun, then use sunscreen which should be spf 15-20.

Nowadays moisturizers are came within sunscreens so there is no need to apply moisturizers separately.

Antibiotic Creams/gels

Sometimes the cleaning gel does not work, just because of that you have to put anti-biotic gel on your skin. Antibiotic creams are available only by doctor’s prescription. If you have to take antibiotic cream and gel then you take a prescription from the doctor and use it under his supervision.

Which antibiotics are used for pimples?


How to use antibiotics gel ?

You can use antibiotics gel in one period of the day and use cleansing gel another period of the day.  For example if put antibiotic gel in the morning and benzyl peroxide in the night time on your skin.

Antibiotic Tablets

If your problem is not being solved with gels and cream then you may need to eat antibiotics tablets. You must consult your doctor for this and start treatment of eating antibiotics.

The treatment we have for antibiotics for pimples is not of 1 week or 2 weeks process. Once you start eating antibiotic for pimples, it is necessary to eat at least for 3 months to 4 months.


Lastly, I want to t to you. There is a very popular Medicine  which name is ISOTRETINOIN. Nowadays It is being used  to treat Pimples much more. This medicine should be used in the supervision of your doctor. And this medicine should be used only for very Severe Acne and Cystic Acne.

Never use  ISOTRETINOIN for mild or initial acne because it is such a medicine that can cause cancer in many people.

If you have a lot of severe acne and are not coming to control in any way, then consult your doctor and if they think right about ISOTRETINOIN then take treatment with it.


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